Powerful Brand Recognition

The Mellow Mushroom name is recognized not only in the Southeast but throughout the country. Our fans send us emails all the time letting us known they drive 100 miles to eat at a store, or that they freaked out when they saw one while on vacation. College graduates beg us to follow them from their university town to the place they live now. Our website gets hundreds of thousands of page views a month, many from states where we currently have no presence. And our fan base in social media is growing, with roughly 150,000 fans of Mellow on Facebook.

Assistance With Site Selection

We've looked at thousands of sites over the years, and we know what qualities make for a good fit. We've also analyzed our individual stores' performance, and drawn conclusions about what makes some locations more successful than others. The way the store is run makes a huge difference, but the location, as well as the particulars of the space itself, is one of the key factors for success. Site selection is part science and part art, and that's why we'll personally come out and look at sites with you.


We have relationships with a number of financial institutions which can help facilitate your financing needs.

Real Estate Lease And Acquisition Experience

Our Franchise Development team will assist you throughout the lease or purchase negotiations. You'll also need to get your own attorney to review it of course, but our legal minds will also review your lease or purchase agreement. And we're here to be the unemotional partner, to cooly advise you because it's easy to fall in love with a space.

Preferred Architects

We admit it, we're geeks about design, and one of the things that makes us happy is great design. That's why we've partnered with some of the best architects and designers around. And the architects give us 'preferred' pricing, because they know that if the price is right, and the work is great, we'll keep coming back to them. That's why we've put together a cadre of architects that use conventional materials in unconventional ways, to create designs that are both timely and timeless.

Marketing Strategy And Support

Beginning with the day you close on your franchise, the Brand Development team at Mellow Mushroom will work with you to promote your store. Through PR, promotions, and traditional advertising, we'll help you build a buzz around your opening that can be felt all over town. You'll have a dedicated person on the MM Brand Development team working with you up until you open, and once you do, you'll be able to take advantage of programs such as Trivia Night and the Beer Club that are cost effective and efficient and can help increase your sales. Our support doesn't stop when you open; our team will help you create and execute your marketing ideas, and provide you with the ideas and materials you need to drive traffic and excitement.


There are two parts to our training program, one for you, and one for you and your staff:

SHROOM U (your training)
This six week program will teach you about how to successfully operate your Mellow. It is a mix of classes and live, in-store simulation, taught in our state of the art test kitchen at our Atlanta HQ and in one of our certified training restaurants. We will teach you about financial management, bar and restaurant operations, human resources, marketing, and a whole lot more.

STORE OPENING (you and your staff's training)
This program begins 10 days before your store opens. A staff of experienced trainers will come to your location with the mission of turning you, your kitchen and front of house, into a well-olive-oiled machine. These trainers will also stay with you through the first week of operation.

Buying Power

With the purchasing strength of over 100 stores we negotiate directly, and aggressively, with vendors to provide discount pricing on:

Kitchen Equipment
Through a partnership with a national food service equipment supplier, you will get cost plus pricing on all restaurant equipment and smallwares.

Food Distribution
We will handle the negotiations with your vendors concerning pricing and distributor mark-up to ensure you get a competitive cost on our high quality products.

Point of Sale Equipment
We have contracted competitive pricing with our POS vendor on both hardware and tech support. No worries here whatsoever.

Credit Card Processing Fees
Because all of our stores process cards with one vendor, the fees we pay for credit card processing are very competitive, saving our owners hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a year.

Ongoing Quality Control Support

Field Representatives, whom you will come to know and love, will visit your store to help you out. They will assist you with:

-Menu Spec and food quality
-Customer Service and hospitality
-Sanitation and maintenance
-Reviewing your variable costs
-Ongoing marketing programs
-Evaluating your business

Access To A Mel Suit