We'd like to introduce you to some outstanding members of our Mellow Family. This diverse group represents the spirit and drive it takes to be successful Mellow owners. Their stories are all different, but their goals are one and the same: to serve great pizza, to own a successful business and to have fun along the way. Here are their stories.
Casey Fox
Mellow Since College
Raleigh, NC; Durham, NC; Wake Forest, NC

It’s gotten a whole lot easier. Every day, every year, it gets easier and easier. I’m playing golf a few days a week, and taking some trips. It wasn’t like that at the beginning, it was eighty or ninety hour weeks back then. It definitely changed my life. Going from a college kid, where you don’t have a worry in your life, to here, where if you’re going to be successful you have to be here. But I love it. I love work. Even if you told me I wouldn’t have to set foot in any of my restaurants and still make a comfortable living, I wouldn’t do it. I’d be so bored.